For most of us, there will never be a day quite like the one following a funeral. Energy spent in preparing for the funeral gives way to profound weariness. With fewer distractions, the reality of the loss seeps into places we didn't even know existed. People around us ease back into their routine. It is hard to imagine how anyone could think clearly - or even care - about the many things that need to be taken care of following a funeral. That is where Family Care steps in.

We offer Family Care because we know it makes a difference to families who have entrusted us with their loss. A trained Family Care counselor helps you begin the healing process by providing valuable "hands-on" assistance with many of the tasks (large and small) that must be dealt with following the funeral.

Our Family Care counselor will make an appointment to meet with you, at your convenience, to help you with phone calls, legal paperwork, insurance forms etc. We feel very strongly about getting involved and providing you with the support you need.