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Grief Matters

Item #  GJSS 201

Grief Matters, Learning to Cope with Loss, is a comprehensive guide to the grief process. Dr Bill Webster addresses 18 relevant topics, each one dealt with as self-contained 20-30 minute programme.

Topics include Understanding the Grief Process, Understanding our Emotions and Reliving our Memories, and suggesting strategies for coping with such issues as Guilt and Anger, Loneliness, Special days and holidays and Adjustments. There is a special section on Coping with Christmas, and an entire programme on How to Help a Grieving Person. Grief Matters provides invaluable information to support grieving people and those who want to help them.

In addition to Dr Webster’s input you will hear from grieving people themselves; individuals who tell their stories and share their experiences of loss; as well as a panel of people who share their insights and wisdom. Viewers will be able to identify with the stories that are shared and the things people found helpful in their journey, and know that this is not just theory, but the real experiences of people just like them.

Grief Matters provides an excellent resource for grief support groups, offering a programme on each topic which is complete in itself, and providing a foundational framework to assist people through the grief journey, from people in the early days of loss, to those who are “down the road” on their grief journey, and looking to “reorganize” their life. This Three-Disc set includes over eight hours of programmes – with menu navigation so you can choose the programme you wish to watch when you want to watch it.